Roanoke Code Camp 2015

The Roanoke Valley .NET user group is planning their 2015 Code Camp for Saturday, May the 17th. The Roanoke Code Camp is an excellent opportunity to learn some new skills, hook up with old and new friends, and make a chance to win one of the many giveaways.

If you’re interested in speaking at the Code Camp, the RV.NUG is looking for speakers here.

Update: It looks like there is no Roanoke Code Camp 2015. All the info on their site pertains to 2014. Sorry about the confusion.

3 thoughts on “Roanoke Code Camp 2015”

  1. I submitted two presentations at the link above but, it says “Thank you for registering to speak at the 2014 Roanoke Code Camp!”. Did I just register for Code Camp 2014?
    Richard Green
    My presentations were:
    1) Been Native Series: Interfacing a C++/CLI WinForm or C++/CLI Class with a Standard C++ class or C function
    2) Been Native Series: Introduction to Memory Allocation for C++/CLI and C++, and using C++11 Smart Pointers

    1. I think that was the link that registers you as a speaker for the RV Code Camp 2014…

      If you want to speak at the NRV NUG monthly meeting, please let me know, and we’ll make a spot for you!

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